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  • XS-Stock – Helping To Keep You Warmer This Winter!

    Feb 17th, 2014

    Struggling to keep warm this winter?

    It’s hard to heat a house and keep the gas and electric bills down but little changes can make a big difference!

    Whether it’s a draught excluder, closing curtains or better still using a thermal curtain, having an extra blanket or throw on your bed or on your couch or even just making sure your radiators aren’t covered by furniture or clothes, every little thing you can do really will make a difference to your bills.

    A Draught Excluder is a simple way to keep heat in rooms and more importantly isn’t expensive, we have several different designs of draught excluders in stock at the moment from just £6.99!

    Tiger Print Fur Draught Excluder With Removable Cover – £6.99!

    Tapestry Cushioned Door Draught Excluder With Removable Cover – £7.99!


    Gorgeous Tapestry Style Door Window Draft Excluder Cushion – £7.99!


    Try to hang curtains that can be closed at night to help insulate your room, but remember that it’s important to open them up fully when it’s sunny as the sunlight will help to heat up your house!

    Stylish Ring Top Curtain Pair Spiro Chocolate With Purple Swirls 145 x 228cm – £32.99!

    Beautiful Carmen Ring Top Curtains Pair Nat 145x228cm – £32.99!


    Flower Embossed Thermal Fabric Door Curtain Green Colour 117 x 213cm New – £14.99!

    A lovely warm blanket or throw is just perfect to keep out those winter blues whether watching tv on the sofa or as an extra layer on your bed, it’s also a much cheaper option than turning up the thermostat!

    100% Cotton Traditional Como Blanket Home Sofa Bed Throw – 127 x 152cm – £8.99!



    Luxurious Microsherpa Reversible Home Bed Sofa Blanket Throw – Pink Or White Leopard Animal Print – £14.99!


    Super Soft Jumbo Microfleece Blanket 200cm x 220cm Bed/Sofa – £19.99!

    So if you like the idea of keeping warm this winter and saving money on your gas or electric bills why not pop over to today and grab yourself one of our moneysaving winter essentials!!


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