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  • Sun Shining? Must Be Time To Clean The Car!

    Jun 10th, 2011

    There is nothing nicer than a nice fresh and clean car and nothing more satisfying than a job well done!

    So let us help you with our extensive range of Mer Products available from just £4.99!

    A good quality Car Shampoo is vital to give your car a great clean but with our Mer Car Shampoo not only will you get a brilliant finish, but it also helps prevent rust and protects your car from the elements.

    If you want your car to have a superb high gloss finish why not add some Mer Ultimate Polish in with your shampoo for just £9.99 for an enormous 1000ml bottle!  This fantastic polish can not only be added to your shampoo but also used neat on either a wet or dry car.  This will protect your car from rain, frost, snow, salt spray and even the suns ultra violet rays.

    Can’t get time to wash the car but love to keep it looking sparkling – no problem, our Mer Ultimate Fast Detailer Cleaning Spray is exactly what you need!  For just £5.99 you can give your pride and joy a quick spray and wipe to keep it in pristine condition!

    Our Mer Wheel Wax for just £6.99 is the perfect way to shine up your alloys! The deep gloss finish adds lustre which makes future removal of brake dust and traffic film easier to remove.

    Struggling to keep your vinyl or rubber bumper clean and fresh looking?  The Mer Ultimate Car Rubber Bumper and Vinyl Cleaning Gel will restore your bumper to looking virtually brand new and is a bargain at just £4.99!

    A clean windscreen is vital for all drivers and we have 2 products to help keep yours smear free and clean!  The Mer Windscreen Cream Cleaner is fantastic at removing dirt, grime, bugs, muddy spray and even those dreaded bird droppings! Applied with a clean, dry cloth and buffed to finish you are sure to have a beautiful smear free windscreen for just £4.99 per bottle.  Not satisfied with just a clean windscreen how about our Mer Rainaway Windscreen Water Repellent (£5.99). This amazing treatment does exactly what it says on the bottle!  Specially designed to prevent rainwater sticking to your windscreen and car windows it disperses water from all glass surfaces.  The need to use your windscreen wipers is reduced and therefore long term there is less need to replace them, thus saving you money!  Our top tip when using Mer Rainaway during the winter is to use it regularly and this will allow you to remove frost much easier – saving you time!!

    Now that we have completely covered the exterior of the car it’s time to move inside to your leather upholstery.  Mer Professional Leather Upholstery Cleaner is a superior cleaner that actually feeds your leather upholstery which prolongs the life of your leather. It produces a absolutely luxurious finish and is only £5.99 for a 500ml bottle!

    So why not treat your car today with our fabulous Mer Products available from and be the envy of all your neighbours!!

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