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  • Storage Solutions To The After Christmas Tidy Up!

    Jan 8th, 2013

    It happens every year in thousands of homes up and down the country, involves scratching of heads and plenty of thinking,  just where are you going to store everything after Christmas?

    It’s definitely an easy problem to solve as long as you have the right tools and here at XS we have some great products to help you along!


    Micro Pro Xtra Large Vacuum Storage Bag 80 x 100cm New



    If your wardrobes are already full to bursting and then you add in the new additions from christmas  you are probably seriously struggling to fit it all in.  This can be solved in in a variety of ways, the first one is by using Micro Pro Vacuum Bags!  These fabulous bags are a godsend for storing clothes, blankets, duvets and much more, simply pop the items inside, seal the top and then use your vacuum cleaner to suck all the air from the bag!  You will be amazed at how small the bag will become, ideal for placing under beds, in cupboards or in the bottom of your wardrobe!  So take all your summer clothes out, vacuum pack them and you now have plenty of room for your winter wardrobe – simple! The Micro Pro Bags are available in sizes Large and Xtra Large


    5 Pack Cascading Non-Slip Black Velvet Space Saving Adult Size Coat Hangers – £4.49!!





    5 Pack Cascading Non-Slip Pink Velvet Space Saving Adult Size Coat Hangers

    If you would prefer to keep all your clothes together instead of packing some away then why not take a look at our Cascading Non Slip Coat Hangers.  These easy to use hangers come in either Black or Pink Velvet and in packs of 5 or 50!  They clip together and are slimmer than normal wooden hangers so take up far less room in your wardrobe – ideal for hanging lots of lightweight clothes (shirts, skirts, trousers etc) and providing you with direct access to more clothes each day!!



    Roadwork Vehicles Folding Jumbo Storage Box Room Tidy With Lid – 50 x 30 x 40cm – £8.99!


    We also have a great storage Roadworks Jumbo Storage Box with Lid for only £8.99 that would be ideal for a childs bedroom or playroom!  It measures approximately 50cm x 30 x 40 and folds up easily when not in use for storage, it also features a plastic fabric outer which is perfect to wipe clean!

    So to view any of our amazing storage products just Click Here and you will be taken straight to our ‘Home Section’ which will give you great ideas for all around the house.

    All products are available directly from while stocks last.



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