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  • New Year, New Scales, New You!!

    Jan 18th, 2012

    Nearly everyone is feeling the trouser band just a little tight after christmas, so isn’t it time to start the new year with a positive frame of mind and perhaps a new pair of Bathroom Scales!

    Let 2012 be the year that you start making little steps to help you and your family be fitter and healthier and what better way to start than by stepping onto a brand new set of Scales from  XS-Stock!

    It really takes just small steps everyday to get on the road to a better lifestyle, walk a little more than normal or even a little brisker,  use stairs instead of elevators or escalators, aim for your ‘5 a day’, drink more water and check you portion sizes to make sure that you aren’t inadvertently overeating!

    Having a set of scales is an excellent way to check your progress, remember to take note of your starting weight and perhaps weekly weigh-ins may be all you need to keep track of how well your doing.

    We have 4 brilliant Bathroom Scales in our range, starting with the Fitness Pro Electronic Scale for only £10.95, Hanson Symphony Memory Scale, £12.99, Hanson Modern Digital Scale, £14.99 and the Homedics Ultra Slim Scale for £17.99!

    All our Scales weigh in lbs and kgs and all have a digital readout for an exact weight.  So get yourself on the path to a ‘new you’ and order yourself your Brand New Bathroom Scales today!

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