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    Jan 16th, 2012

    It’s now more important than ever to saver energy all around the home due to the increase in fuel bills over the past few years.  Let us help you to save money with some of our amazing products!

    One of the easiest ways to lose heat from your home is through draughts at your doors.  You can fix this by simply putting up one of our great Door Curtains!

    *(Please note that this curtain does not come with tieback)

    We have 3 for you to choose from, our Velvet Energy Saver Thermal Curtain comes in a lovely Dusky Pink colour and is just £24.99!

    We also have a beautiful Flower Embossed Thermal Door Curtain which is available in either Green or Plum and is a fantastic £12.99!

    A Draught Excluder is a must for these cold windy days that we seem to be experiencing more and more and we have 4 different designs in stock.

    Our Draught Excluders all come with a removable cover which can be washed at 30c and all of them are an incredible £7.99 each!

    Choose from Spots, Fruits, Welly Boots and a lovely ‘Welcome’ design.

    Don’t forget about using Re-chargeable Batteries where possible not only to save money but also as they are so much better for the environment!

    Hot Water Bottles are a great way to have a lovely warm bed to jump into at night or even when sitting on the sofa on a really cold evening!

    Look no further than XS for a superb range of Hot Water Bottles, from small ones to animal shaped and patterned to plain there is a huge selection to choose from!

    Prices start at only £3.99 and all our Hot Water Bottles conform to British Standards.

    So what are you waiting for, let XS-Stock help you be more energy smart today!

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