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  • Kids Fed Up With The Weather? Let The Games Begin!!

    Jul 16th, 2012

    Don’t let the summer weather stop the kids from having fun, with our range of Games, Puzzles and much more they are sure to have a ball!

    We have 4 different MB Games in stock at the moment and each one of them is a classic!  Choose from Operation, Frustration, Crocodile Dentist and the nerve wracking favourite Buckaroo!!

    Operation is the old favourite where you try your hardest to get rid of the patients sore tummy after he was too greedy with his food, suitable for ages 4+, is for 2-5 players and is only £12.99!

    Frustration might be slightly different to when you last played it.  It now comes with the Slam-o-matic, 4 paddles, a genie and 16 men in four colours.  If you’re lucky you can gain the powers of the Genie to protect your characters from being sent home!  Hours of fun for ages 6+, 2-4 players for £14.99!

    What about Crocodile Dentist, well, poor crock is suffering from toothache and it’s down to you to find out which of his teeth is giving him grief! Carefully choose one of the croc’s teeth and press it down one by one in the Crocodile Dentist game. Be careful to watch out for his sore tooth! If you choose the wrong one, croc will playfully bite down and you’re out of the game. A great game for 2-4 players aged 4+ again for just £14.99!

    Last but certainly not least the fantastic Buckaroo!! Load up the moody mule as much as you can but be careful he might ‘Buckaroo’. Gently saddle him up and load on your gear. Will he remain calm or will he kick up a storm and send everything flying? Pick a piece and stack it on. He’ll make you jump with excitement as he kicks the load off his back!  Great fun and excitement to be had with this game which is suitable for age 4+, 2-4 players and is only £14.99!

    We have some great 100 piece jigsaw puzzles for boys and girls.  They all come with a little collectable figure and are only £6.99 each!! There is Star Wars for the boys (Yoda & Obi Wan) and Littlest Pet Shop or My Little Pony for the girls, an all round great buy that can be used over and over.  You will also find more jigsaws suitable for older ages within the Jigsaw Section.

    Play Doh has always been one of the best ways to pass rainy days, and we stock not only tubs of Play Doh, but complete sets as well.  Prices start at only £3.99 for a Set of 4 Tubs of Play Doh and up to £7.99 for the Doh Creations Colour Creatures Kids Art Modeling Playset. To see the full range please visit our Play Doh Section.

    This is just a taste of our great range of Toys and Games, we also have Prams, Trucks, Dressing Up, Fisher Price, and so much more –  to take a look simply pop over to and remember everything going to a UK Mainland Address Qualifies For Free 3-5 Day Delivery!

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