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  • Don’t let the Weather put you off – The Answer is to Charcoal BBQ Barbecue

    Mar 27th, 2013

    XS Has just taken delivery of the 2012 best seller Azuma Black Barrel Summer Party Garden Grill Cooking Charcoal BBQ with Wheels.
    This fantastic BBQ is not a gas fired BBQ but a traditional man against Charcoal.This is big enough for parties or just for family at dinner time.

    Azuma Barrel BBQ at

    The Azuma Charcoal Barrel BBQ

    Enjoy eating outdoors in style this summer with our heavy duty Barrel BBQ from Azuma. Take pleasure in getting the fire started and tending to your charcoal barbecue, as your guests enjoy the food.

    • Provides a traditional method of cooking. Charcoals are heated to produce an even cooking temperature, giving food a distinctive flame grilled appearance.
    • Easy to light. Charcoal needs to be lit at least 40 minutes before you intend to cook to ensure a high cooking temperature. To adjust the heat, simply raise or lower the grill.
    • Storage features such as front shelf and lower rack which are perfect for holding sauces, condiments and plates which make entertaining much easier.
    • Includes side vents, T-shape strengthen bar which connect the legs and fire bowl, heavy duty lid complete with a stylish wooden handle and upper shelf for keeping food hot which is also very durable and easy to clean – perfect for whatever location you choose to enjoy it in.
    • Ash will need to be removed after cooking.

    Product Size: 80 X 42 X 104cm
    Front Shelf – 61 x 20.5cm
    Cooking Area : 59 x 40cm
    Fire Box : Dia.38 * L 66cm, 1.0mm / 1.2mm Thickness
    Cooking Grill in 2PCS : 59*40cm, 5mm Dia. Enamel Finish
    Warming Rack size: 59.5*18.5cm, Dia. 4mm
    Charcoal Grill : 61.5 x 25cm 5 / 4 mm Dia. Electrophoresis Finish
    Leg Size: Dia. 32mm x 0.8mm
    Plastic Hollow Wheel, Dia.14.5cm

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