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  • Amazing Halloween Masks At Amazing Prices!!

    Oct 9th, 2011

    Ok, so here at XS we know that not everyone wants to dress up for Halloween, perhaps wearing a mask is really enough for you.

    Or on the other hand is the perfect mask all that is missing from your fantastic costume?

    Either way you are bound to be blown away by the incredible range of Masks that we have available today!!

    From spooky and bizarre to downright barmy we have the ideal mask for everyone!

    Great Masks for a group of friends going out together has to be ‘The Seven Dwarfs‘,  these incredible looking masks are instantly recognisable as the happy little men and are all here for a great £9.99 each!!

    Our selection of ‘Old Geezer Masks‘ is second to none and are just £9.99 per mask!  You can have grey hair, white hair or no hair!

    As for our Olga Senior Moments Mask* – well ladies if this mask doesn’t encourage you to use your wrinkle cream then nothing will!!  At just £7.99 it’s a really fun mask and a touch scary as well!

    We also have Animal masks, Zombies, Clowns, Raging Reapers, Scream, Metallic Mobsters, Night Tortures, Lord Voldermort, Lady Gaga Style, Star Wars and many many more!

    So browse through our Mask Section today available at!

    Please note that our team of staff is working flat our today with halloween orders and as such we advise you to order soon to avoid any disappointment.

    *This Mask does not include wig, but we have a huge selection available in our Wigs Section.

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