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  • All you need to know about: Trampolining

    May 13th, 2015

    We are going to try and explain the best way to use and enjoy your trampoline as well as the myths attached to trampolining.

    When you get your trampoline you must always first Get a feel for the trampoline
    The first time you get on a trampoline, take a walk around it – it has different tensions in different places, and you’ll feel that the most stable, bouncy part is the middle.

    Once you are comfortable then you Jump as you would on the floor.The basic trampoline jump is exactly the same: you bend your knees, spring through your feet, and your arms come up and out in front of you and then straight up in the air above your head. Keep your body straight. When you land, all you need is a slight bend in the knee. Too much bend absorbs all the power and you’ll stop bouncing.

    The trampoline is not only a great outdoor or indoor activity but  you get to work on flexibility and core stability. The stronger and more flexible you are, the better a trampolinist you’ll be. Spend time off the trampoline stretching your hamstrings, quadriceps, feet, ankles and lower back, and work on strengthening the core-stability muscles around your middle. That way, moves such as the pike (arms and legs straight out in front of the body) will be much easier, and you’ ll be far less likely to pick up an injury.

    When you start to jump and learn about your trampoline you must remember to be patient. Learn to jump up and down with total control before you attempt any moves. Every move is an extension of the basic jump, so then you can learn the landings – seat drop (on your bum, legs out straight), back drop (flat on your back) and front drop. Then comes the shapes – pike, tuck (knees to chest), straddle (legs scissored out in front of you) – then you can start linking them with twists.

    Now you are becoming a competent trampolinist but to ensure you progress correctly you must always join a proper regulated club with trained coaches.

    The benefits to trampolining are the you increase mobility in the shoulder and you can also increase your core-stability muscles as they are constantly engaged to keep you stable and balanced, meaning a tauter, stronger stomach and lower back.

    If sleep was an issue then learning to trampoline can increase the duration of REM sleep apparently…..

    Add that to the strength you can gain in your legs and your whole body it is a must especially if you want to use it as part of a weight lose programme.



    Get a trampoline for out your back door. Always buy from a reputable retailer like ourselves Ltd. Ensure you get the required safety features such as steps and cover but most importantly the Enclosure net. This will help ensure your child does not bounce out of the trampoline and potentially hurt themselves.

    Here are some youtube trampoline fails that highlight the need for the enclosure….. and you get a laugh as well.

    At ltd we have the 4.5ft Trampoline available for toddlers and XS Irvine retail store you can see the full range of trampolines available.

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